Program Ideas

Entertainment / Performances
Bring some Jewish spirit or humor into your community by hosting or co-sponsoring an evening of Jewish film, comedy or music.

Educate and enlighten your community by hosting or co-sponsoring a lecture or educational event or series. Bring a famous author to town to speak about her new book, or sponsor a book review or book club. Inspire debate and exchange of ideas by sponsoring a lecture or debate on political or religious topics. Host a speaker with expertise in Jewish history or culture, or the interplay between Judaism and other -isms or -ologies.

Road trip! Pack a bunch of people onto a bus, hire a guide and go explore areas of Jewish importance and interest, near or far.

There are unlimited revenue-generating services with a Jewish twist that you can facilitate for your community. Run a flower sale for the High Holidays; mobilize local youth groups for a pre-Passover car wash. “Import” Jewish service providers from other locations to provide their services for your community members.

Many communities have institutions of different denominations performing similar functions; you can facilitate and co-sponsor cross-denominational group courses, training or instruction for these institutions’ personnel by leading experts which they independently and individually may not have contemplated or been able to afford.

Sell stuff!  Locate great Jewish products and make them available in your community, either at a central location or event or through existing sale points.

Imagination is key. Think creatively about events or programs with a Jewish angle that can enrich, entertain, or enlighten, which are “produced” and organized by your tenpartnership and whereby the participants cover your cost outlay. 

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