TEN Things We Forgot

1. Is tenpartners a non-profit?
We will be soon. TEN Partners International, Inc. is a Delaware corporation and we have requested 501(c)(3) tax-free status from the US Internal Revenue Service. Once we have 501(c)(3) status, each one-time “seed” investment by a tenpartner in a new tenpartnership should be treated as a tax-deductible donation.

2. How much money to I have to put in to the tenpartnership to join?
We recommend an initial per-partner amount for each of the ten partners of $1,000. With ten one-time donations of $1,000 the tenpartnership will have $10,000 to underwrite programs. The ten partners only put in that money one time, ever, and the funds cycle and recycle into the community in the form of new revenue-generating Jewish events and projects, keeping the “pot” replenished so there’s no need for further capital or donations.

3. Does each local tenpartnership need to incorporate as a separate company?
Nope. We make it extremely easy to start a new tenpartnership in your community with little legal hassle. We authorize your group of ten people to set up a local “chapter” of tenpartners in your community, and give you the paperwork and authorization to set up a local bank account for your tenpartnership. The account is a TEN Partners International, Inc. account but you have control and signatory rights on it. At the end of each year, TEN Partners International handles all of the accounting for all of our local tenpartnerships, as one company with many local bank accounts.

4. Who manages the local tenpartnership?
It is critical that each of the ten members of a tenpartnership has an equal vote in the decisions regarding potential programs. However, we do recommend that each tenpartnership elects a “Gabbai”, or coordinator, preferably for one-year terms, for liaising with TEN Partners International regarding administrative and technical issues, finances, and programming follow-up so that we have a single, designated point of contact within the tenpartnership.

5. How does TEN Partners International sustain itself?
Each tenpartnership pays TEN Partners International an annual management fee of $800. This helps us cover our overhead and provide the technology hosting, accounting and legal, and programming services for our tenpartnerships.

6. Do we have to come up with all of the ideas for tenpartnership programs, or will you help us?
We definitely need our tenpartnerships to be creative and come up with great program and event ideas for their own communities. But you will also get plenty of program suggestions from us on an ongoing basis. The tenpartners.org website also facilitates program idea submissions from anyone else, even if they are not tenpartners themselves.

7. So when people apply to our tenpartnership for grants…….
Well, that’s not really the intention of tenpartners. Remember, your tenpartnership is supposed to run programs or events that generate revenue- not give away money. It’s your money, and you can do with it what the tenpartnership decides, but if the tenpartnership simply writes grants or checks to others, the pool of capital will disappear quickly. The idea is to underwrite or fund programs where the community participants will pay some amount of money that flows back to your tenpartnership to replenish the “pot” and enable you to run more programs. Of course, you may decide to partner with an existing project or program, by co-sponsoring it for example – but you should make sure that as part of that partnership enough of the proceeds flow back to your partnership.

8. What is our relationship supposed to be with other community institutions?
Friendly. It’s important to let them know your tenpartnership exists and comes in peace. You are not trying to compete with them, as much as complement them. You should interact and cooperate with your local JCC, synagogues, Federation, etc. to run programs – for example, if your tenpartnership sponsors a lecture, you’ll need a place to hold it. We’ll give you tools and materials to use to reach out to your local institutions and explain to them what tenpartners is and how you can work together to make your Jewish community batter for everyone.

9. How do we get the word out about our local tenpartnership programs?
This is another really good reason to reach out to your local communal institutions. Make sure all local institutions know about your event schedule and get them to help you promote your programs through their print and online media and other announcements. The more “co-sponsors” or partners you have for a tenpartners program or event, the more people will know about it.

10. Who runs TEN Partners International?
TEN Partners International is currently managed by Ben Wiener, a businessperson and former corporate lawyer based in Jerusalem, Israel. We have a great Board of Directors and we are always looking for more volunteers and assistance at the parent company level.

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