What We Do

What is tenpartners?

tenpartners is an innovative, community-driven, sustainable non-profit partnership that creates new and unique programs to enrich local Jewish life and community.

“Ten” in Hebrew means “give” and the number ten is central in Jewish tradition. TEN partnerships enable a new generation of Jewish communal leadership to give their communities great Jewish experiences.

Mission and Overview

TEN Partners International (TPI) is the umbrella non-profit organization that encourages and facilitates the establishment and operation of local TEN partnerships around the world. A TEN partnership is a local, non-profit venture managed and funded by ten members of a Jewish community who create, run or co-sponsor great programs for their local Jewish community. Our goal is make Jewish community service more grass-roots, “by the people for the people”, collaborative and accessible to a new generation of young lay leaders. A TEN partnership’s programs should be financially sustainable by somehow returning their cost to the local TEN partnership, so that the partnership continues to operate and run programs without needing further funding after inception.


1. TEN is a non-profit community business partnership, whose aim is to enrich that community’s Jewish life.
2. Each TEN partnership gets setup and ongoing assistance from TPI.
3. Each TEN partnership will produce up to ten programs/projects in one year.
4. Every TEN project will matter.
5. Every TEN project will involve and build collaboration and socialization.
6. Every TEN project will be innovative and unique.
7. Every TEN project will be fun.
8. Every TEN project’s goal will be to at least break even
9. Every TEN project will be evaluated upon completion.
10. Ten minds are better than one.

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