How it Works

Application and establishment

A group of people get together and apply to TEN Partners International to start a TEN partnership in their community. TPI acts as a “Master Franchise”, providing the new TEN partnership with all of the materials needed to open a bank account and manage the TEN partnership, as well as access and logins to online tenpartners collaboration and programming websites. No new entity is required at the local level as each partnership is a “chapter” of TPI 501(c)(3). The principals fund the local bank account with initial equal investments (e.g. $1,000 each). These funds stay at the local account and are used to fund local tenpartners programs.

Managing the TEN Partnership

Being a member of a TEN partnership (after the one-time investment) means evaluating and voting on which programs to run, and occasionally (voluntarily) taking responsibility to be the point person in charge of coordinating a specific project. Collaboration is done via your TEN partnership’s dedicated section of TPI-hosted collaboration website, rather than in endless evening meetings. Thus the TEN partnership fosters creativity, involvement, collaboration and leadership without demanding large amounts of time or money.


Project ideas can be submitted by anyone via our submission form, or a TEN partnership member can browse through TPI’s database of past projects and new project ideas and propose one to the other partners. Once a project is nominated by one of the TEN partnership’s principals, it is subject to vote by the TEN partnership and the person nominating it de facto takes ownership and responsibility for seeing the project through (if the vote is in favor).

Any program that provides some type of Jewish enrichment for any segment of the Jewish community and can recoup its investment is within a local TEN partnership’s mandate. Creativity, barrier-breaking and fun are strongly encouraged!

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