OK people time to have some creative fun. Can you describe Judaism or your Jewishness in ten words?

We’ve seen campaigns to compose “Six-Word Memoirs” and Six Word Stories. I even just saw a project by Smith Magazine and Reboot to invite six-word submissions for a book they want to publish on “Six Word on the Jewish Life”.

But at tenpartners we think in increments of ten. Also ten seems to be a more “Jewish” number. We’ve got the Commandments, of course. The Plagues. And when we want to count people to see if we have a minyan (another ten), some people recite a ten-word verse while counting heads (so as not to cast an “evil eye”). We like to count in tens.

So put some thought into your ten-word phrase that describes Judaism or Jewish peopleness. Tweet it out using the hash #TenJewishWords and this link, or just post them below and we’ll tweet them (in your name of course). Serious or humorous, your choice. Here are our initial submissions:

Short men, Commandments Ten, Never Again, If Not Now When

Bagels and lox, not many jocks, mostly textiles and stocks

As they say in Chicago, submit early and of-Ten!

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