We are a people of parables. Here’s a nice one about social entrepreneurialism I saw this week in an article by Darryl Egnal in eJewish Philanthropy titled Innovative Ideas That Change the World:

“What happens when you put three different items – a carrot, an egg and a coffee bean – in three different pots of water, and then bring each pot to the boil? The results – a carrot gets soft and an egg gets hard, but a coffee bean changes the appearance, taste and smell of the water. In this context, a Social Entrepreneur is the coffee bean. He or she changes the entire system and causes a major shift in society.”

Well I’ve been called worse but I’ll venture to say I’m a coffee bean. And if each social entrepreneur is a coffee bean, then tenpartners is a freakin’ Starbucks. We’re changing the way young Jewish people look at lay leadership and communal involvement. And while tenpartners is creating a paradigm shift or alternative way to do local Jewish communal activism, we’ve made access very easy and barriers to entry very low.

So if you are feeling more like a coffee bean than a carrot or an egg, start or join your local tenpartnership today.

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