We had a great time at the final event of the 2011 PresenTense Global Fellowship – what PresenTense calls “Launch Night” but it’s really a “Pitch Night” where each of us (the 16 2011 Global Fellows) “pitched” our venture in a 15-second crash-pitch in an effort to induce them to come to our tables for further discussion. For a video of all of the flash-pitches click here.

PresenTense does a great job of attracting an interesting and diverse crowd to its Launch Nights, and puts on a really professional event. I was hoarse by the end and there were plenty of interesting people that stopped by to find out more about tenpartners. There will definitely be plenty of follow-up with these newfound “Friends of tenpartners.”

For more Launch Night “press coverage” see eJewish Philanthropy’s first article in a series covering our 2011 Fellowship (and note the dashingly handsome social entrepreneur in picture #3).

I was really proud of my fellow Fellows – everyone did a great job with their pitches and table set-ups. What a great conclusion to a great Fellowship…. Or is it just the beginning……?

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